Cooking for one can be a big challenge, especially if you were used to live with other people in the house and cook for all of them. You need to do the math all the time, to see how much of each ingredient you need to use when you are cooking and there is only one of you, and not for as many as the recipe instructs you. Besides, if you need a lot of dishes, pots and pans to prepare something, you may feel it’s not worth the pain if it’s only you who’s going to enjoy the result. With this kind of thinking, it is easy to drop cooking and eat out most of the time. However, if you resist, you’ll have the benefit of enjoying healthy meals while saving some money in the process, as eating out can be quite expensive when you do it twice a day, seven times a week. Here are a few tips to help you feel better about not having any guests for dinner:

1. Make Lunch for Today and Tomorrow

It’s nothing wrong with food that sits for one day in the fridge. You can cook a delicious soup or your favorite dish as if you were two people eating, but eat only half of it and save the other half for the next day. This will enable you to save some time while still enjoying tasty and healthy dishes.

2. Leftovers from Dinner Help Making a Great Breakfast

If you made a big, juicy steak with grilled vegetables for dinner and you weren’t able to eat it all, don’t worry. The meat and veggies leftovers can be an awesome addition to a morning omelet.

3. Ramekins Are Your Friends

When you love desserts and you are good at preparing them yourself, don’t go for huge cakes or tarts. You can easily prepare a delicious serving of apple crumble, for instance, by chopping an apple, putting it into a ramekin, then covering it with a mix of flour and butter. Throw a little bit of sugar and some cinnamon in the mix and you’ve got an excellent dessert that won’t make you fat.

If you find it hard to adapt recipes when cooking for one, just ditch them completely and use your common sense in choosing the ingredients and the quantities. You know what kind of stuff you like, therefore it shouldn’t be too hard to develop your own recipes, customized for one single person. It’s not a bad idea to take notes while you do such cooking experiments, because in case something turns out to be truly delicious, you may want to be able to repeat it some other time.

By doing this, you could even write a recipe book for singles some day and sell it on Amazon or even in book stores. Cooking is something people will never cease to enjoy, even when they live and eat alone, therefore cookbooks like this will always stand a good chance to make their authors good money.